PHYSICIAN-LED HEALTHCARE REFORM: A NEW APPROACH TO MEDICARE FOR ALLthe latest book by veteran healthcare journalist Ken Terry, explains why Medicare for All won’t work unless the U.S. healthcare delivery system is restructured to lower costs – and lays out a blueprint for how to do it. 

Ken Terry, the author of two previous books on health care policy and practice, has been writing about the health care field for more than 25 years… (Continue reading)

“This is the only book that makes the explicit connection between the need for clinicians to reduce healthcare waste and the ability to reallocate these resources to improve health. Terry makes the important point that only clinicians, acting with the best available evidence to reduce unexplained clinical variation, can reduce said waste.” —David Nash, MD, founding dean of the Jefferson College of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia

Physician-Led Healthcare Reform: A New Approach to Medicare for All offers an encyclopedia of knowledge on the U.S. healthcare system, written in an engaging, popular style.”—Thomas Bodenheimer, MD, professor emeritus of family community medicine at the University of California San Francisco

“Ken Terry has produced a tour de force analysis of the current state of American health care. In a world filled with ‘alternative facts,’ Ken’s encyclopedic reliance on research evidence, instructive interviews, and clear writing makes for compelling reading, whether or not you agree with his prescriptions for reform. An essential resource.”—Robert Berenson, MD, senior fellow at the Urban Institute

Telehealth Expansion Should Be Planned Intelligently, Long-Term

Telehealth has been a lifeline for many doctors and patients during the pandemic, and the decisions of CMS and many private payers to cover telehealth visits—in some cases, at full parity with in-person visits–has helped physician practices stave off bankruptcy. Assuming that these policies remain in effect after the pandemic, I agree with the commentators who assert … Continue reading Telehealth Expansion Should Be Planned Intelligently, Long-Term

Primary Care Practices Need Help to Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic

(This post was cowritten by Ken Terry and Paul Grundy, MD, the Chief Transformation Officer at Innovaccer and the convener of the virtual healthcare community Care As One. Dr. Grundy is also the founding President of the Primary Care Collaborative (PCC) and was formerly the Chief Medical Officer of IBM Healthcare Life Sciences and the Global Director … Continue reading Primary Care Practices Need Help to Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic

How Will COVID-19 Change the Healthcare Balance of Power?

In any economic disaster, the largest, best-financed organizations have a natural advantage over smaller, cash-strapped organizations. The bigger entities have a greater ability to withstand economic downturns, while the small ones can quickly go out of business because they lack the financial reserves needed to tide them over. In the roughly 2 ½ months since … Continue reading How Will COVID-19 Change the Healthcare Balance of Power?