PHYSICIAN-LED HEALTHCARE REFORM: A NEW APPROACH TO MEDICARE FOR ALLthe latest book by veteran healthcare journalist Ken Terry, explains why Medicare for All won’t work unless the U.S. healthcare delivery system is restructured to lower costs – and lays out a blueprint for how to do it. 

“Physician-Led Healthcare Reform: A New Approach to Medicare for All offers an encyclopedia of knowledge on the U.S. healthcare system, written in an engaging, popular style.”—Thomas Bodenheimer, MD, professor emeritus of family community medicine at the University of California San Francisco

“Ken Terry has produced a tour de force analysis of the current state of American health care. In a world filled with ‘alternative facts,’ Ken’s encyclopedic reliance on research evidence, instructive interviews, and clear writing makes for compelling reading, whether or not you agree with his prescriptions for reform. An essential resource.”—Robert Berenson, MD, senior fellow at the Urban Institute

“Ken Terry has again dissected the health care industry and all of its faults with an eye toward finding solutions rather than merely pointing out defects.”—Michael LaPenna, healthcare consultant and author

PCPs Could Counter Virtual Plans By Increasing Telehealth Visits

Primary care physicians already have a lot of competition from retail clinics, urgent care clinics and telehealth services that cater to consumers. Now they’re facing a new threat from the “virtual primary care plans” that insurance companies have launched recently. These are health plans that prioritize virtual visits with doctors hired by telehealth services over…

Four Pandemic Lessons for Healthcare Reform

No major healthcare reform initiatives will occur until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.  When Joe Biden becomes President, he’ll be too busy getting everyone vaccinated, helping the economy recover and fighting climate change to focus on his praiseworthy reform agenda. Meanwhile, states are too hamstrung by COVID-19’s financial impact to promulgate strong reform measures. Legislators in several blue states…

Primary Care Is Facing a Very Difficult Winter

Primary care is in trouble again. Last summer, as government assistance programs expired or wound down, primary care practices across the country were struggling to stay afloat because of lost business. By October, patient visits had rebounded in most specialties. But by mid-November, as COVID-19 surged everywhere, primary care physicians reported that they faced critical staffing shortages and limited…

Ken Terry, the author of two previous books on health care policy and practice, has been writing about the health care field for more than 25 years…(Continue reading)